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40 Questions to Determine
the True Religion

Jesus Christ tended to ask plenty of questions during His time on earth. That's because questions help a person sort out fact from fiction. So why not try these questions on for size as you, as an individual seeking truth, identify the true religion amidst the world's various belief systems?

Here is a clue. 

The True Religion is a match to all 40 questions below.


Consider this a thrilling challenge. The true religion is the one that perfectly aligns with all 40 questions. Are you ready to embark on this exhilarating quest of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment?

Which religion ...

  1. Was started by a prophet who never did anything wrong?

  2. Produces scores of people who speak out against injustice and work hard to correct it?

  3. Fulfills hundreds of prophecies written down hundreds of years before the prophet fulfilled them?

  4. Produces followers who have established thousands of hospitals, orphanages, and homeless shelters?

  5. When practiced correctly, empowers followers to turn the other cheek when being mistreated?

  6. Was started by a prophet who died but came back to life?

  7. When practiced correctly, produces followers who do not judge others or look down on them?

  8. Produces a tender love for God in heaven rather than lingering fear and trepidation?

  9. Do people turn to in tough times and when disaster strikes?

  10. Has done the most to advance the rights of women?

  11. Details historic events that are supported by plenty of archeological evidence?

  12. Is based upon documents that are better-preserved and more numerous than any other ancient writings?

  13. Was started by a prophet who is loved and even worshipped by millions of followers?

  14. Has been around for thousands of years and continues to expand worldwide?

  15. Teaches that eternal life in paradise is a free gift through faith in the prophet?

  16. Has millions of followers who claim to experience much peace as a result of their prophet?

  17. When practiced correctly, it produces followers who are quick to forgive rather than to seek vengeance.

  18. Offers the forgiveness of sins based solely on the goodness and sacrifice of the prophet?

  19. When practiced correctly, produces genuine humility before God and man?

  20. Teaches that you cannot earn your way to heaven?

  21. Produces men and women of justice who speak out when others are committing atrocities?

  22. When practiced correctly, lines up with the humble and compassionate attributes of the prophet?

  23. Seeks to help the hurting, comfort the sorrowful, and encourage the downcast?

  24. When practiced correctly, produces genuine love, joy, peace, and patience?

  25. Requires divine revelation to understand it?

  26. Rules not by force but by love, as demonstrated by the prophet?

  27. Has produced the most freedom of religion in the world?

  28. 28) Which religion turns man's body into a temple where the Spirit of God comes to reside?

  29. When practiced correctly, has done the most to advance the rights of minorities?

  30. Gives followers the grace to say "no" to ungodly passions?

  31. Produces people who long to improve the lives of those from other religions?

  32. Cares as much for the unborn and elderly as it does for the youthful and robust?

  33. Has done more than any other to help turn communities into places of freedom and safety for all?

  34. Provides a personal assurance of salvation based solely on the sacrifice of the prophet?

  35. Has a prophet whose name unbelievers use as a curse word?

  36. When practiced correctly, it produces followers who focus on their own sins rather than the sins of others?

  37. Can turn a terrorist into a loving peacemaker?

  38. Teaches that your works become "good" in God's eyes only after you accept the prophet through faith?

  39. Will you wish you had followed on Judgment Day?

  40. When practiced correctly, empower followers to turn the other cheek when being mistreated?

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