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Links to Christian Topics
and Resources

Some extensive links to bibles, downloadable software, Christian resources, literature, bible studies, and major sites follow below.

Christian Hyperlinks

​Downloadable Software

Resource Lists

  • Truth and Reason - a well-organized resource page. Categories include Evidence for Christianity, Bibles, Biblical Languages, Biblical Manuscripts/Texts, Biblical Archaeology, Bible Studies, General Indexes/Search Engines, Church History, Religions and Denominations, and International churches of Christ.

  • Kingdom Surf - a resource list with its distinctive flavor. The list changes every week so you can always come back and find some new and interesting links. See also the Previously featured Kingdom Surf listings.

  • In the Footsteps of the Lord - the home page of Binoy Samuel. The Christian Resource Guide, a main sub-page of this site, is notable for the following topics: bible study, apologetics sites, discussion (newsgroups), and more Christian pages. This site also includes articles and testimonies, among other things.

  • The Christian Connection - a well-organized list of Christian resources on the Web. The page on Bibles is particularly notable.

  • Christian Internet Directory - a collection of Christian online resources provided as a service from Baker Book House and Christian Cyberspace Companion. Has a wide variety of subjects, albeit somewhat short of extensive.

  • The Yankee Christian - categorized listing of Christian ministries and bible topics with many useful links.

Multi-resource Sites

  • Gospel Communications Network - a gathering of online Christian ministries. Notable for these resources:

    • WWW Bible Gateway - English translations include NIVRSVKJVDarbyYLT, and All. It has many foreign translations as well. Word-search/Concordance function goes quite fast lately, in usual cases, and has very user-friendly syntax requirements. It can also be used in a Web page to reference a scripture, such as Matthew 28:18-20.

      • Virtual Christianity: Bibles - can give you examples of links to the WWW Bible Gateway that make it function as a Hypertext Bible, especially under the English Bibles section's "Other Versions" sub-section and in the Foreign Bible section.

    • GCN Devotionals - daily and weekly Bible devotionals.

    • Internet for Christians - a helpful guide for finding Christian resources and considering Christian concerns when exploring the net. I find particularly helpful the following sub-section:

      • More Christian Goodies - a good summary of guides to Christian resources on the Web in general. Something like an abbreviated version of this Virtual Christianity page.


  • Not Just Bibles - a team of three people (John Brubaker, Linda Kreitz, and Gary Bogart) who have helped catalog a lot of useful Christian resources on the internet:

    • The NJB Guide to Early Church Documents - a very extensive and well-presented group of documents. However, because some of of their links led to sites having documents difficult to view from the Web, I worked with the team to produce a very similar document restricting it to the period I find most interesting (before 150 A.D.) and made links to reformatted copies of the original links.

    • The NJB Guide to Christian Resources - All the various kinds of internet locations of Christian interest are divided into three files. Here are the second and the third.

    • The NJB Guide to Christian Literature - Ranging from Bibles to Devotionals to historical Sermons and creeds; a very comprehensive list.

    • The NJB Guide to Services - made for ICLnet (The Institute for Christian Leadership) an affiliated group that supports their Web files. Has links to some of the other (above) documents, as well as some useful Bible Studies and FAQs.

    • Creation Research Society - showing scientific evidence for creationism.


Bible Studies

  • The "EXECUTABLE OUTLINES" Series - a useful and growing set of Bible studies from a Conservative/Fundamentalist (Mainline Church of Christ) point of view.

  • Ray C. Stedman Reference Library - Expository studies of the Bible, including study of bible books, topical studies, and other sermons. Has some valuable insights.

  • Bible Quiz Questions - recognition of quotes, stories, verses, people, etc.

  • Scripture Studies - a journal dedicated to the exposition of the Bible, mainly passage studies.

  • GCN Devotionals - daily and weekly Bible devotionals.

  • Online Today - a daily devotional.

  • Grace Notes Home Page - summary under Multi-Resource Sites sub-heading, directly above this Bible Studies sub-heading.

  • Web Chapel - has weekly Bible study lessons, a copy of the King James Version and a Concordance, and links to outside Bible study resources.

Biblical Discussion Topics

Minor Resource Pages

  • World Wide Christian Web - notable for Surf'n the Net section which highlights a Christian site, Bible Q& A which presents a few interesting topics for thought, Book Reviews which highlights a variety of books, and Jumping-off Points. See also the introductory page, which has a link with a message, especially for non-Christians who are seeking to learn more about Jesus.

  • In Christ Ministries - a notably interactive site, having pen pal lists and discussion forums on certain topics. Has monthly articles. 

  • The Chapel on the Web - a web page that aims to share the gospel both by apologetic material to help one come to believe in Jesus as the son of God and doctrinal material to explain actions and beliefs important in becoming a Christian.

  • Southeast Bible: Resources for Christian Growth - helps for living a Christian life, limited Bible commentary. See resources: essentialConcepts for the meat of this page.

Miscellaneous Resource Pages​

  • Discussion Mailing Lists - a well-arranged list of different kinds of religious discussion groups.

  • TLeM Christian Music Resources - a collection of links with everything you ever wanted to know about Christian music and more. May be difficult to access.

  • Revival Theology Resources Home Page - a philosophical discussion aimed at bringing someone to an intellectual decision to submit to God's authority. 

  • Christian Book Connection - an online Christian bookstore.

  • All About Families - a weekly online newsletter that brings a Biblical perspective to character topics.

  • Serious Developments - a comprehensive Christian software catalog.

  • InfoSeek Search - a search engine that will find web pages containing whatever words you type in; useful for finding Christian links:

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