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Unity School of Christianity

Unity describes itself as a global, inclusive, spiritual community, offering practical tools and uplifting resources to help people of all faiths apply positive spiritual principles in their daily lives. Unity welcomes all people regardless of race, color, gender, age, creed, religion, national origin, ethnicity, physical disability, or sexual orientation.


Unity describes itself as having no particular creed, set dogma, or required ritual. It maintains that there is good in every approach to God and holds that one should focus on the potential good in all—that the essence of every human is divine regardless of current behavior.


Unity emphasizes healing by spiritual means, but it does not
eject or resist medical treatments.

Unity School of Christianity Members

Unity teachings

The five basic ideas of Unity teachings reflect the universal spiritual principles taught in most of the world's religions.


  1. God is everywhere and always present in every circumstance. This divine energy underlies and animates all of existence.

  2. Human beings are innately good because they are connected to and an expression of Spirit.

  3. Our thoughts have the creative power to influence events and determine our experiences.

  4. Prayer and meditation connect and align us to our own spiritual nature and to God.

  5. It is not enough to understand spiritual teachings. We must apply our learning in all areas of life, incorporating them into our thoughts, words, and actions.


Unity teaches that each person is a unique expression of God and is sacred and worthy. It emphasizes the creative power of thought and encourages choosing life-affirming thoughts, words, and actions to experience a more fulfilling and abundant life.


Unity emphasizes its agreements, not differences, with traditional Christians and stresses its concurrence with the teachings of Jesus, the influence of the Holy Spirit, and the Bible. According to Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore:


“It has been generally accepted that Jesus' great works were miracles and that the power to do miracles was delegated to His immediate followers only. In recent years many of Jesus' followers have inquired into His healing methods, and they have found that healing is based on universal mental and spiritual laws which anyone can utilize who will comply with the conditions involved in these laws.”


Unity considers itself a non-sectarian educational institution, although Unity ministers are ordained following their prescribed courses and training.

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